The Perfect Combination

I love wine and I love trying different wines with several different crackers, cheeses and anything else I can find that could be a great combination with a nice glass of wine. Well I want to tell you about a combination that I just tried, now at first I was a little unsure about it I wanted to combine garlic and a nice sangria.

So I never really knew anything about these chips because their not really sold in the grocery store I frequent but it's always great to step out of your comfort zone sometimes and try something new. I have no affiliation with this chip brand I just decided to try them and man was I surprised, they are delicious and so I decided not to stop there but to try a new wine. Well I drink sangria all the time but I wanted to try a new brand of sangria. I truly enjoyed this pairing and If you get a chance I believe you'll enjoy it as well.

I have no affiliation with any of these brands just posting on the wonderful combination for a great fall snack.