The job of preventing suicides one case at a time – VAntage Point

Lots of staff and a huge effort

Just one case study of the efforts taken by VA to help Veterans in crisis involved a young combat Veteran with numerous issues.

Worley: “After his tour of combat duty, he had PTSD, Traumatic Brain Injury and significant addiction problems which started before he joined the Army. This complicated everything and brings the whole team into action.

“He was in and out of the acute psychiatric unit and just when we thought he was stabilized and ready to be outside, he had a relapse and had to be readmitted.

“This is an example of an intense effort by our case management program. It took lots of staff and required a huge effort all the way around.

“We knew he needed a longer-term VA residential programs and his case manager flew with him to make sure he got there.”

With a smile of relief and fighting a tear, Worley added that she has high hopes for him that this was going to be the turning point. — Read on

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