The Importance of a Doula Especially for Women of Color.

I’m a professional maternal health advocate, I make sure that mothers of child bearing years have successful pregnancy from the beginning to postpartum. I also can’t act like there’s no a maternal health crisis that women of color face every time they get pregnant, they are 3 times more likely to die are lose their child during birth. Let’s ask our selves why? Is it because the doctor’s who are helping them are incompetent, maybe it’s racially motivated, are it could be that the mom had a pre-existing condition and was not told what to do to minimize the risk. I saw this article about the importance of doulas and wanted to include a excerpt.

The Importance of Hiring Doulas

We need advocacy, we need support, and we need understanding because I truly believe our voices are not heard by our doctors,” she said. “Before being diagnosed with preeclampsia, I had mentioned multiple times to my doctor about my worries around it and the symptoms I had that seemed to mimic it, but I was constantly dismissed…then wound up with it. I feel if I would have hired my doula earlier—one who could have helped me to speak up in the early stages—maybe things could have been avoided.” (Parents Magazine)

It’s So Important To Have Someone There Who Will Fight For Your Healthcare, If Not We Will Take The Job.

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