The Enormous Cost of Healthcare

I was talking to a client the other day and she was sending me her medical bills because she was so shocked by the amount of money she owed the hospital for a two day stay.

This is a excerpt of what’s going on in capital hill.

Washington is doing nothing to get Americans desperately needed medical care.

With his typical hyperbole, President Trump has promised his “terrific,” “phenomenal,” and “fantastic” new health care plan that will replace the ACA. He has yet to produce the said plan. Republicans want to tweak financing and eligibility rules that do nothing to improve access. Candidate Biden wants to expand the ACA law that reduced the availability of care, by passing “Medicare for All” that could seemingly take away our right to choose. With a price tag cost of $32.6 to $40 trillion, Biden’s (really Bernie Sanders’) plan will, at a minimum, double Americans’ tax burden and simultaneously cut access to care. (

So my clients bill was itemized and water was charged at over 200.00, now I have a fairly big house and my water bill has never been 200.

Staying Focused

Hopefully congress and the rest of the politicians will take into consideration that the we are dealing with a national public health crisis and do something about the high cost of healthcare.

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