How To Have a Zero-Proof Wedding InStyle.

Well we've all be to events are weddings where there has been either an open bar are maybe someone is serving drinks, and sometimes these events end good sometimes they turn out horribly wrong because we're constantly worrying about if someone has had to much to drink are if they are going to get violent after they've been drinking.

Well How To Have Nice Event Without The Spirits.

According to Bride Magazine “The key to any bar is making a good drink—booze or no booze,” says Sunna Yassin, founder of West Coast-based event-planning company Bash Please. Duh, but also... how? Isn’t the best drink at a wedding the one which loosens you up enough to re-enact the Dirty Dancing routine with your new spouse centerstage while your friends capture the moment on iPhone videos they’ll later use to humiliate you in front of your children? Not necessarily, says Yassin and other event-planning experts (though obviously, you should have the time of your life either way).

Let's take a look at some of the ways that zero proof drinks have changed ( and please don't call it a mocktail, it's just a cocktail.

Blood Orange Whiskey With Rosemary

Events are alot different now that zero proof events are not just stuck to making a boring mocktail (ugh) and that's it. So the next time your friend, coworker or family tell you let's go to a party but it's dry, don't give them the look like it's going to be boring because things have changed in a big way. Go Zero-Proof Cocktails.

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