Covid vaccine will it be required by your employers within months of approval to access the workplac

I’ve been watching the news concerning the Covid vaccines and who will get it, also how effective it is as well. I don’t have any of the answers to these questions so my job is to help guide you through this process.

According to USA Today news, Some Americans will likely be mandated to get a coronavirus vaccine. But not anytime soon.

With two coronavirus vaccines under emergency review by the Food and Drug Administration, the nation’s attention is turning to who will get the vaccine first and when.

A big question remains: Will Americans be required to get vaccinated?

For some, the short answer is yes, public health and legal experts say. But a mandate is not likely anytime soon, and likely not to come from the federal government. Instead, employers and states may condition return or access to workplaces, schools and colleges upon getting the vaccine and mandate it once the FDA issues full approval, potentially months later.

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